Welcome to the Bvbblegvm shop! (There are cookies and tea on the table, so make yourself at home)

Bvbblegvm illustrations is a small one girl studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. All products are designed and locally produced by me, Nadia.

I’m a happy freelance illustrator with a keen passion for creating cute and quirky products.

When I’m not working on commissions or doing graphic design work, I’m busy figuring out which fun product to create next. If I weren’t doing this, I’d probably be a professional flower and/or nose picker!

Fun Fact: When I was 11, I cut my Barbie’s hair and gave her a permanent marker unibrow. I took off her clothing and used nail polish to create a body cast. I made my own Frida Kahlo doll!

Meet my home studio – She is a beaut isn’t she!?

This is where all my creation and illustration babies are born. My studio didn’t always look this nice, but there is nothing that a bucket of colourful paint can’t fix! Oh and a lot of TLC. And yes, my desk is an old door that I’ve up-cycled and painted pink!

My studio is probably the place where I spend 80% of my time in. Although I’m at my most stressed in this space, I’m also at my happiest.

Bvbblegvm Studio is my happy place.

Bvbblegvm studio is the place where I aim to produce and manufacture as many smiles as possible!

Once we ship your order you’ll receive a tracking number. Please allow 24-48hrs for the tracking number to work.

Seeing the Bvbblegvm Illustrations is still a SUPER tiny company (It’s basically just me Nadia, and my two cats Miso and Kitkat) and we can’t afford returns or refunds at this stage. Please double check our t-shirt size guide before ordering. 

We will package your order to the best of our ability to avoid packages getting damaged when in transit. Unfortunately, once your order has been packed and shipped we cannot take responsibility for Postman Pat. 

We do not take responsibility for broken and lost goods, but we will try our very best to insure everything runs smoothly. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting local design! Please feel free to email me if you need assistance: Nadia@Bvbblegvm.com